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SGD I – Foremost DR24 525HP (Rig#9)

Foremost (Canada) Dual Rotary 24 HD drilling rig acquired in 2005.

Features a unique lower rotary drive that is used to advance steel casing while an independent rotary top drive simultaneously drills through unconsolidated overburden.

The DR has not only been successfully used to drill water wells but also top sections of oil & gas wells.

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SGD II – Atlas Copco- Predator 950HP (Rig#18)

Atlas Copco's (USA) Predator Drilling Machine acquired in 2013.

The Predator drill rig is a self-contained mobile drilling system designed for drilling deep holes using air rotary, down hole drill (DHD) and mud rotary compatible methods.

The Predator has successfully been employed to drill several oil & gas wells up to a depth of 3000 metres including the challenging well for NCOAR at Koyna.

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Fleet 3a

SGD III – S&S 1000HP (Rig#27)

Stewart & Stevenson -Crown King Capacity: 1000 HP & 440,000 Lbs

Rig is a drilling rig rugged and modular units designed to maximize the efficiency and performance on the complex wells which is acquired by Shivganga in 2019.
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Fleet 4a

SGD IV – ZJ 40 1000HP (Rig#45)

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