About Shivganga Drillers

Established in 2005, Shiv Ganga Drillers Private Limited is an Indian drilling company focused on providing unconventional drilling solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry.

The company which initially started as large size water well drillers entered the Oil & Gas sector in 2010, when it was awarded its first contract by the Oil & Gas Corporation of India. Since then the company has executed several drilling contracts for ONGC.

With focus on quality and customer satisfaction we strive continuously to integrate modern technologies and equipment to our existing fleet. ShivGanga Drillers today boasts of being the sole of the Predator Drilling System from Atlas Copco, US in the world. This modern rig has put
the company in the list of some of the most sought after drilling contractors in thte country. We currently own and operate 2 mobile drilling rigs and now specialize in drilling shallow oil and gas wells.

Shivganga Drillers Private Limted is a registered member of the “International Association of Drilling Contractors”. We are also an ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certified company.